Sunday, June 8, 2014

Watermelon Margaritas

In an effort to drink margaritas made from every fruit on the planet (and some vegetables…), today I bring you the watermelon margarita.  Guys, this margarita is like drinking a watermelon jolly rancher.  Only better.  Because it's real watermelon, not "watermelon flavor."  And there's salt.  And there's tequila.  When does tequila NOT make it better?

Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive about this drink because sometimes drinks and food made with watermelon can be… well.. watery.  But not these.  The watermelon flavor is intensified by the lime and simple syrup, and you end up with a perfectly sweet margarita.

These margaritas have quickly become a new summer favorite.  I've made them once a week for the past three weeks, and I'm already counting the days until Friday, when I can enjoy them once again.

Oh who cares, why wait for Friday?  Let's celebrate Monday!  Watermelon margaritas for everyone!

Watermelon Margaritas
adapted from Martha Stewart, via Tide and Thyme

Use the ripest, most flavorful watermelon you can find.  Bland, watery watermelons have no place here!

  • 1/3 cup simple syrup*
  • 12 oz fresh watermelon cubes (about 2 cups)
  • 1/2 cup fresh lime juice, spent lime halves reserved
  • 2/3 cup silver tequila
  • 1/4 cup triple sec
  • ice
  • salt, for the rims

In a blender, combine the simple syrup, watermelon, lime juice, tequila, and triple sec.

Puree until smooth, then pour through a fine-mesh strainer into a pitcher or large jar.

Use a spent lime half to wet the rim of your glass, dip it into salt, then fill it with ice.  Pour the margarita over the top, and serve.

*To make simple syrup, combine 1 cup of sugar with 1 cup of water in a small saucepan set over medium heat.  Bring to a boil, stirring often, until the sugar has dissolved,  Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature before using. Store in a covered container in the refrigerator, and use it to sweeten cocktails, coffee, tea, etc!


Josie said...

haha, I am soooo down with making margaritas from everything. LOVE!

Josie said...

LOVE this drink Josie!!

Josie said...

I have been making these for a few summers and they are just perfect for summer! We skip the simple syrup though; if you get a good watermelon you won't even miss it! :)

Josie said...

I would love to taste this and introduce it to my friends. thanks for sharing.

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Josie said...

I just had a watermelon margarita at Fox Brothers and it was awesome. This is definitely going on my list. Thanks, Josie!

Josie said...

Now this just sounds so refreshing! So perfect for a hot summery day.

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