Sunday, September 26, 2010

PPQ: (Rebecca's) Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

For many basic things, like pasta, rolls, chocolate cake, buttercream, pasta sauce, banana bread, and chocolate chip cookies, we all have our "go-to" recipes.  I know for me, when I see a recipe for any of those things, I pretty much just skim right over and and don't look back - I have recipes that I stand by and trust, why would I try something new? 

Personally, my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe is from Cook's Illustrated.  I realize I've never blogged them, but let's face it - the recipe can be found on pretty much any food blog out there.  It is hands down the best chocolate chip cookie I've ever had - homemade or from a bakery.  So I wasn't super excited to try a new recipe, though if anyone could sway me, it would be the Pastry Queen.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'll admit to you guys that my first batch was an epic failure.  I thought I left plenty of space between each cookie, but they still spread into each other.  So much in fact, that it looked like a giant cookie cake.  Not that I'm hating on cookie cake, but there were pockets of raw dough and patches of overcooked cookie... just a big mess.

So I set out to correct my mistakes this morning.  I had better luck by leaving plenty of extra space between each cookie.  I also decreased the baking soda just a tad because I could still taste it a bit in my first batch.  And finally, I used a mixture of toffee bits and chocolate chip cookies... just to mix things up a bit.

The result?  Well, I still prefer Cook's Illustrated's, but these were tasty nonetheless.  The were pretty thin, and not quite as soft and chewy as I like.  Still - it was a fun experiment to try something new, and valuable to make mistakes and move forward to correct them.  I always like a good learning experience (nerd alert)!  And let's be honest:  it's never a bad thing to have more than one recipe for chocolate chip cookies in your arsenal!

For the original recipe, check out Kalyna's blog.  And check back next week - its my pick again, and I chose Pear-Maple Cobblers!

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amanda @ fake ginger said...

Yours turned out beautiful! Mine got a little too dark around the outside. Oh well, like you said, always fun to try a new recipe!

SC said...

looks delicious! great photos

Eliana said...

You're so good disclosing your baking fail. So great that they turned out as gorgeous as they did :)

Keeley said...

Thanks for sharing!

I love adding toffee bits to my chocolate chip cookies, but my grocery store stopped selling them, so now I need to go somewhere else.

I made the applesauce snack cake that you posted last year this weekend and I had the same baking soda issue. I figured I just needed to sift the ingredients.

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