Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Gobbly-Good Round Up!

I've had so much fun this month preparing turkey-alternatives for the big day, so I thought I would recap in case you missed any.  I'm also including some links from other blogs for turkey and leftover ideas. 

I started the month out with Turkey and Dressing Burgers.  Its really uncanny how much this tastes like turkey and dressing.  Served with some sweet potato fries, you have an awesome and casual turkey dinner.

Another casual turkey dinner idea is these Herbed Turkey Meatballs.  We really felt like we were eating Thanksgiving dinner, and the whole meal came together in under an hour.

Yesterday I featured this Roasted Turkey Roulade.  It is ideal for a smaller gathering, and is such a pretty and elegant presentation.  I might be making this again for Christmas dinner...

And if you are already planning on a big turkey dinner, pretty please will you make these Turkey Cranchiladas with the inevitable leftovers?  You will thank me, I promise!  I love these so much that I make them year round with a rotisserie chicken.

I couldn't post a Turkey Round-up without featuring at least one recipe for a whole bird, and no turkey I've ever seen has been as gorgeous as this one from Annie's Eats.  She used Alton Brown's brining and roasting method to produce this beautiful bird, and if/when I ever host Thanksgiving, I'll definitely be using this recipe as well.

While I'm on the topic of Annie's Eats, I seriously can not wait to make this Thanksgiving Leftover Panini she posted last year.  I'll be confiscating leftover turkey from my dad's house for this, and I've got pumpkin yeast bread rising as we speak. 

I also really like the idea of this Butterflied Turkey with Cranberry-Molasses Glaze.  Its a little non traditional, which I love, plus its from Cook's Illustrated, so you know it will come out perfect.  The guys from The Bitten Word loved it, so I know it must be good!

As far as leftovers go, I think this Turkey & Stuffing Dumplings from Food Network sounds really delicious.  Use the turkey carcass to make a flavorful turkey stock, then add leftover meat, and lots of veggies, and use leftover  dressing for dumplings.  It sounds so comforting and delcious!

I just can't resist Mexican food, so these Turkey Tacos with Cranberry Salsa from Simply Recipes look incredibly tempting to me!  They also look super easy and fast, which is always a plus when you've been cooking all week.

We won't be able to attend Thanksgiving on my mom's side of the family this year, but I will certainly miss the turkey there.  Every year we do a deep-fried turkey.  Certainly not the most healthy way to prepare it, but my gosh, it is delicious!  Here is a recipe from Southern Living, but we usually inject it with Cajun seasoning as well.  Mmmm so good!

I think this Turkey Hash from Tennessee Home and Farm would be a great breakfast for the day after Thanksgiving, especially with a runny egg on top. 

And finally, if you are looking for a meatless option for Thanksgiving, check out these Mushroom and Lentil Pot Pies I posted over the weekend.  They are packed with vegetables, and topped with a gouda biscuit.  How can you beat that?

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Jessy Yancey said...

Thanks for sharing our turkey hash recipe! All of these look super yummy!

Jessy, tnhomeandfarm.com

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