Sunday, November 28, 2010

PPQ: Orange Muffins

As with every family, mine has a history of choosing a member to be the brunt of most jokes and teasing.  Unfortunately for my baby sister, she was the victim growing up.  One of our favorite stories is of an elementary school boyfriend writing her a "love letter."  In the letter, he proclaimed Hope to be his "little sweaty pie."  Of course we had a field day with that one, and it penned several new nicknames for her.  Moisture Muffin was my personal favorite, and I still can't see a muffin recipe without giggling about that story.

One of the things I like about participating in Project Pastry Queen is that I get the chance to make recipes that I maybe wouldn't otherwise have noticed.  I've never been a huge fan of muffins for breakfast.  They don't fill me up, and I'm hungry again in like an hour.  However, I'm really glad I got a chance to make these.  They are really delicious.  Soft and sweet, with just a hint of orange flavor.  And the glaze makes them.  I considered skipping it, to make them a bit healthier, but I'm glad I decided to go for it. 

I'm definitely going to make these again, possibly for a holiday brunch.  And I'd love to try them with blueberries and lemon next summer.  Thanks, Shawnda, for a great choice this week!  Head over to her blog for the full recipe, and check back next week for my pick - Black & White Cranberry Tarts!


Unknown said...

These muffins sound so good! I think they'd be a great vehicle for so many different berries. I need to add this book to my Christmas list for sure :)

Anonymous said...

This would be so delicious for a Christmas brunch!

Christi said...

They look yum! Pretty pictures too.

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