Sunday, April 17, 2011

PPQ: Caramel-Filled Brownies

In the ever so eloquent words of my sister, these brownies are "the shizz."  I have to say, I agree.  A thick layer of caramel  is sandwiched between two layers of rich and chocolately brownies.  It is intense and wonderful.  A little more work than a typical brownie, but these are so so worth it.  First, the brownie batter is mixed up.  Half is baked briefly, then a layer of caramel is poured over it.  The rest of the batter is layered on, then topped with chocolate chips and baked to chocolate perfection. 

I used half butterscotch chips instead of all chocolate, and I think the butterscotch was really great with the caramel filling.  I also omitted the pecans, as usual.  Other than that, I stayed true to the recipe, though I was tempted to add some sea salt to the caramel to make these salted caramel-filled brownies.  Maybe next time.

This recipe was chosen by Beth of The Powdered Plum.  She has the full recipe posted on her blog.  Next week:  Buttermilk Pecan Pie!


amanda @ fake ginger said...

I thought about adding salt to the caramel too! Definitely doing it next time - because there will be a next time for these brownies. YUM! I love your addition of butterscotch chips. I want to try that too!

Kim (Feed Me, Seymour) said...

I've seen so many caramel chocolate brownies this week! i'm loving these and really can't wait to try them... yummy!!!!

LimeCake said...

Definitely the shizz! These look so darned delicious!

Sarah Carter said...

Chocolate and caramel are my passions. I love them and if they can mix into a crispy cookie they will remain my love forever. Love the recipe!

javed vardi said...

What a dish, browni is awesome.My brother loves it very much. in other words he is mad for it.i will surely prepare i for him.

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