Sunday, July 17, 2011

PPQ: Peanut Butter Cookies

If I were forced to choose my favorite cookie (though please don't make me!), I would be hard-pressed to go with anything other than a classic peanut butter cookie.  I, like so many others, just love peanut butter - I love it straight from the jar by the spoonful, on toast, with jelly for a sandwich, mixed with chocolate in pretty much anything... I even love it in savory applications - peanut sauce, anyone? And I'm happy to report that I've passed that love on to my daughter.  Her lunches pretty much rotate between peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, peanut butter on crackers, and peanut butter bananas.  Just last week, we stopped at Starbucks on our way to church.  I leaned over Joey to order my (decaf) iced coffee, then Joey ordered his coffee.  And from the backseat we hear "Please, peanut butter jelly, please!"  Smart Caroline, wanted to place her order, too!

This week was Wildcard Week for Project Pastry Queen, which means we can go back and make a recipe that we've missed along the way.  I don't know why I didn't make these the first time around - I'm guessing maybe I still had some lingering morning sickness or first trimester exhaustion?  Either way, I'm glad I went back to make them this week!

Actually, these are originally peanut butter and jelly cookies.  And while I think that sounds wonderful, I just felt like being basic this week.  So I just made some giant peanut butter cookies instead.  They are wonderfully soft and chewy, with just the right amount of crunchiness around the edges.  And with honey-roasted peanuts mixed right into the dough, you get an extra dose of crunch.

These are without a doubt the best peanut butter cookies I've ever made.  They really are pretty much perfect - and enjoyed with a cold glass of milk, it doesn't get much better.

Sarah of 20-something Cupcakes has the full recipe posted on her blog.  Check out the Project Pastry Queen website to see what everyone else made this week, and next week we're making a giant, peachy cake - complete with Dulce de Leche!


Anonymous said...

I love a good peanut butter cookie! These sound so yummy.

Sashquatch said...

Definitely going to check these out as, shamefully, i have never had a peanut butter cookie...i know...and with such high praise this looks like a good place to start!

Chrissy said...

These look perfect! I've tried so many peanut butter cookie recipes, and so many of them turn out dry and crumbly, but I can tell your look chewy!

Jen said...

i think it's a given that i'm pretty much in love with all things peanut butter...including cookies! the story about caroline is TOO cute!

happy monday!

Anonymous said...

Yum yum yum. I never get tired of trying pb cookie me an excuse to swipe a spoonful of peanut butter!

Carissa @ Pretty/Hungry said...

WOW... these look PERFECT. I'm sure they taste delicious. If only I had the time and the metabolism to make them for every day of the week!

Kennedy said...

uh - yes please!

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