Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sunday Scenes

Happy Sunday, my friends!  I hope everyone is having a stellar weekend, and staying warm!  This week I have lots of pictures to share, as usual.

Family Pics 2

As I mentioned last week, we recently had family pictures taken, and suffice to say, I'm pretty much obsessed with the photos and look at them at least once a day.  I had to laugh about this though.  It's always a little baffling to me when I see a pic of young kids, and they're all looking right at the camera and smiling angelically…. well we kind of got one of those, but the bottom picture is really a more accurate representation of our photo session.

Family Pics

Our fabulous photographer, Jody Lynn, really worked hard for us that morning!  It had been quite a while since we'd had family pictures made, and the kids are so fun and full of life, and I know I will treasure these for years to come.  These are a few of my favorites from our session.

Outside Time

Even though the past few days have been stupid cold, we've had such a lovely fall here in Georgia.  Subsequently, we've been enjoying as much time outside as possible.  These kids LOVE playing outside, and they all run to the door like puppies if they so much as hear the words "outside," "playground," or "backyard."  


Even though I absolutely abhor winter and cold weather, I suppose sitting by the fire is pretty nice.  When she got home from school on Thursday, Caroline asked if I could start a fire, then sheepishly asked if she could also have some hot cocoa.  How could I say no to this sweet face?


Speaking of sweet faces, here's one for the books.  While at the grocery store last week, Tucker pointed to this magazine and said "Look, it's Daddy!"  I about died right then and there, and at that moment Tucker became Joey's favorite child.  #iwish #andtheniwokeup


And speaking of my handsome husband, we had the luxury of enjoying a night out last weekend.  We went to a new development here in Atlanta, and tried out a new upscale Mexican restaurant.  There was a long wait, but armed with margaritas (mine had St. Germain!), we didn't mind.  If you live in the northern Atlanta suburbs, check out Avalon.  It's a super fun shopping center with some pretty amazing restaurants.  We ate at The El Felix, and highly recommend it.  Cheers to date night!

I've been busy this weekend cooking up some Thanksgiving dishes for you.  I have a lot of amazing recipes to share with y'all in the next two weeks, so hang on to your hats!  


Josie said...

"I wish and then I woke up"????? Wow how would you feel if your husband said that about you???????surprising

Josie said...

Ch, I felt like it was pretty obvious that I was joking. His feelings weren't hurt at all actually. We laugh about this all the time. Matthew McConaughey is in my top 5, which made the whole thing even funnier ;)

Josie said...

Thank you for clearing that up. Sometimes things online seem weirder than they are...

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